Tuesday , 7 April 2020

Yafiah Pakistani Girl Looking For Abroad Future Marriage Partner

Yafiah Pakistani Dating Girl Desiramba.com

Yafiah Pakistani Girl Looking For Abroad Future Marriage Partner

I am sweet and sensitive, caring and family oriented. I am cheerful and optimistic. I am also very devoted and I never cheat. It is so disrespectful and even the idea of this makes me feel bad. I am very passionate and I have a lot of love inside. I dream to find a man who will accept all my love, who will need and enjoy it. I also want to feel desired and treasured, I want to feel the only woman in the world for my man. I am determined and I am not lazy. I know that we need to put effort to achieve our goals and I am ready to do this. I am attentive and I pay attention to feelings of my man. I like to see other people hurt and I try to calm them and do everything to bring smile to their faces.I like men who know what they want. I like when a man is confident, trustful, goal oriented. I like people with strong character and who don’t depend on others. I need a strong man with whom I can be a weak woman. I need a man who will help me and who will accept my help as well. I need caring and passionate man who will make me feel a real woman, I will never agree with cheating or lies. I want to be with a family oriented man who need a life partner, who knows what his woman needs and he knows how to make her smile.

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