Friday , 28 February 2020

Tilaka Indian Girl Looking Love Decent Future Life Partner

Tilaka Indian Dating Girl

Tilaka Indian Girl Looking Love Decent Future Life Partner

I am a sociable girl, who can easily maintain friendly relations with other people. I have sense of humor and like having fun. I am pretty decisive and always know what I want. It is important for me to achieve my goals. I am not a person who runs away from the problems. I always try to find right solution for any of them. My favorite season is summer, I enjoy the warm weather and spending it in active way. I would like to see clever, kind and polite man beside me. He should be decent and respectable, real gentleman. My man will stay through thick and thin with me. He does not cheat or lie, has serious outlook in life and I can rely on him no matter what. My lovely husband knows how to treat his wife with dignity and respect, and will love our children. He is also the best example to them. I would like to create happy family with the right man. I am waiting for someone with whom I can share all my love and care. I want to feel love and compassion; care and support in hard situations. I am looking for a man with family values, who is honest, intelligent, and caring. If you dream of a stable home life filled with love, passion and understanding we will find common goals.

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