Friday , 19 July 2019

Sithara Tamil Girl Looking For A Respectable Dating Partner

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Sithara Tamil Girl Looking For A Respectable Dating Partner

I was born in a Southern part of my country and that is why I am rather hot-tempered though I know how to calm myself down and I try to cope with this negative side of me. I can also describe myself as kind and warm-hearted person; I am very sociable and I like making new acquaintances because this is something that my job requires and that is why I like communicating with different people as it gives me an opportunity to learn more about them. One more thing that I would also like to mention is that I am very persistent and I always go till the end. My main interests are connected with my job that I like as lot: I am working as a director of the event agency and that is why among my interests are show-business and working with celebrities. One of my biggest passion is dancing and I try to dance everywhere I can because the best dance is the dance of your soul.Someone who is much better than me in everything! Well, probably except for dancing. I would like him to be strong and responsible, willing to create a family and spend the rest of this life with me and our children.

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