Wednesday , 20 November 2019

Sashi Indian Kolkata Girl Looking For Sincere Future Life Partner

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Sashi Indian Kolkata Girl Looking For Sincere Future Life Partner

Hello friends, my name is Sashi, I am from India city Kolkata. I am girl with big heart and tender soul. I have to admit I am a big dreamer and have good nature. I enjoy to be alone and feel good in company with my friends. Everyday I try to make bright and unusual. That is why I have different hobbies and interests. I would be happy to share them with my man.I do not want a perfect man, perfect does not exist. I just want a man who is perfect for me. A man who I can talk to for hours without getting bored. A man who understands me and who will always be there for me.We can joke around, play pranks and have fun with each other. I want a man who has confidence, values, and knows exactly what he wants. Most importantly, I want a man with an awesome personality. A man personality is what sets his apart from the rest, it is what makes him unique and that is why I love it. Ultimately, at the end of the day I just want a man who I can call mine, a man who would not hurt me and who will accept me for me. If you are the man like I have written and if you are looking for Indian wife like me, I will be waiting for your letter.

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