Wednesday , 14 November 2018

Raya Indian Girl Looking For Social Friendship With Full Profile

Raya Indian Girl

Raya Indian Girl Looking For Social Friendship With Full Profile

I’m easy going, calm and sincere girl with sparkle in eyes and kind heart. I grow up in very friendly family where lives love. My life full of adventures and smile. I’m very positive person and have good sense of humor. Man is very important for me, I’d like to create family for all my life.I want to have children because I think that kids are present of God. I like wise and confident man so I’m looking for husband who older than I. I think older man can appreciate woman and know what love is it.Statement do not like to talk much, but I will say that my friends think I’m a kind and accommodating. I always smile and look at the world positively. I think that for every person and the more girls the most important thing is to be a family. And his dream of creating a big and strong family.I’m search a grown man, who I will love and appreciate. In fact, for me, does not matter the age of the men, because they are generally older than those they are more wise and clever.I would like to find a loyal, respecting and truthful husband. Important are also sense of humor and sense of measure. I can’t stand greed. Well I think those are most important traits required to build a strong and happy family.

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