Thursday , 23 May 2019

Radhika Nepal Girl Wants Faithful Life Partner

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Radhika Nepal Girl Wants Faithful Life Partner

I am cute and communicative. What more important is that I am smiling. My smile can make your day brighter or make you forget about your worries. At least for a while. I think it is a good trait which I can bring into your life. Of course, life can be colorful all the time but smile can save the day. So I try to be optimistic and light. Also I think I am very romantic girl – in my heart. Though in life I tend to be realistic but for my friends and close people I keep myself open and sunny girl. I like telling only the truth. I hope it is an advantage. I am fond of photography – I like taking photos and I like to be photographed. I like photographing people and just the world around. Maybe it can turn into something more serious than just a hobby one day. I want to travel a lot and see the world. It would be nice to see it through the cam too. I like reading and learning new things – mostly I try to find information in the internet – every day there is one small discover for me. And I would like to share it with my man.In some years I see myself with my beloved man and two kids. So I guess we should have something in common and want to have a family one day. He is loving, caring, with wishes and ideas for the future and open for fun and discovers in this life no matter what.

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