Monday , 21 January 2019

Pakistan Idol 2013 Audition Will Start Today In Islamabad

Pakistan Idol 2013 Audition Will Start Today In Islamabad

Karachi:Geo Entertainment is searching melodious sounds and to bring ahead young talent,providing a new platform Pakistan Idol.For this show,audition will start in the Islamabad.Before the Pakistan Ideal audition,in the Islamabad Centaurus Mall,there was arranged promotional activators,which was attended by a large number of youth.

For the Pakistan Idol,audition will start in the capital city,and after that,selection teams will also go to other cities.Promotional event participants in Pakistan welcomed the holding of the show and with the stalls of the sponsors,Pakistan Idol also shown performance on the stage.

Younger who want to take part in the show,can register for audition through one SMS.Idol,space,Identity Card Number space and City name send SMS to 436 and don’t let go opportunity to win valuable prizes and immense popularity.

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