Tuesday , 22 January 2019

Naomika Telugu Girl Looking For Serious Friendship Love Partner

Naomika Telugu Dating Girl Desiramba.com

Naomika Telugu Girl Looking For Serious Friendship Love Partner

I am nice girl with kind heart and sweet soul, As about my character, I can say that I am a lady, I try to look at life in positive way, but sometimes dark clouds can change the mood for a while, but it is not important because I have “the hope, Love and Joy” in my heart. I do not know what to say more about myself, I think the best way to discover a person it is not to listen to the story about himself, but to understand all his personality from communication. My work is my hobby I make different parties, meetings, camps, so I meet with many people, with different emotions and interesting situations every day. And I guess, my biggest hobby and passion is traveling. I have been to few countries but I hope to see the whole world. Maybe the reason why I want to travel to other countries.I would like to meet a man who will be elder me because men of my age are not serious about women and they do not want to be responsible. I will be interested in a man who has serious attention to relationships and want to create a family. I need my man to be smart, kind, decisive and he has to know what he wants in this life, and of course who will love with all his heart and I will do too.

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