Tuesday , 7 April 2020

Meenika Indian Girl Looking For Someone Special For Marriage

Meenika Indian Dating Girl Desiramba.com

Meenika Indian Girl Looking For Someone Special For Marriage

I am emotional and creative person. I have very extraordinary interests. And I want to find somebody, who can share them with me. I am very fond of traveling and dances. Also I like to cook and to go in for sports. Very often I go to the forest, I like to be with a nature.Such men is not born yet. But the most important, men must understand that he is a men and girl is a girl and try to be really good person, not only for her. I dream to meet a person who will protect me and who will appreciate and respect me as I’m a Woman, I’m not a toy.I am kind, sincere, caring and passionate. I love to dance and do sports. I dream to meet a man whom I can give my love. I’m a loyal person.I have no special requirements, the main thing that the man liked me. I want to love and be loved.I am a softie that is for sure and I can definitely say that I am a natural optimist. I love living my life learning as if there is an eternity ahead. I can talk on just any topic as I read a lot as well as I have a great sense of humor and love seeing people around me smiling and laugh.I am looking for an ideal harmony- when there is just one man on my mind.

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