Tuesday , 10 December 2019

Jaisya Gujarati Girl Looking Honest Life Partner For Future Marriage

Jaisya Gujarati Dating Girl Desiramba.com

Jaisya Gujarati Girl Looking Honest Life Partner For Future Marriage

What to say about myself. I am calm and open minded girl with open heart and soul. I like cooking a lot and my special dish potatoes with chicken meat. would you like to try my special dinner. I am no longer a little girl, but I still believe that there is love in the world. Real, honest, sincere, love that can not be bought for money. The main thing – to see this feeling and do not miss. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned in my life values. But I know that there is that man who will appreciate it and who is a loving at heart as I am.I am on this site to meet a man,with kind and open heart for love. I need a man who wants to be with me, have a lady like me by his side, hold my hand and support and be supported by me. I need a man who wants to build his life with someone like me. Do not be ideal, just be real.I look for man who knows how to find the way to woman’s heart. It’s not simple, but I believe that somewhere there is a person who could understand me and I will be loving wife, naughty lover, trusty partner and faithful friend for him.My life is like endless stream of bright emotions and unforgettable moments. I prefer to keep it this way. I like to bring joy and happiness to people I love. I’m goal-orientated, hard working, decent and sensitive person, who always cares about people’s feelings around me.

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