Sunday , 18 August 2019

Indratha Indian Dating Girl Wants Best Friendship For Life

Indratha Indian Dating Girl

Indratha Indian Dating Girl Wants Best Friendship For Life

I like the life very much, I enjoy it with the great pleasure and the main features of my character help me so much in my way. I was brought up in the friendly family and we used to value the main human feelings: honesty, mutual relationships and understanding, willingness to help each other. I would like to create my own family based on these main values as well. I have a lot of hobbies. I like traveling, because it’s very interesting to learn new cultures and traditions by visiting new places. I like many kinds of music, it depends on my mood. Also I’m fond of cooking. It is always pleasant to prepare something delicious for close people. My spare time I spend with my friends, go to the cinema and theater.I would like my man to be a gentleman – purposeful and even-tempered, with an open soul. I want him to be kind and honest; these are very important things for me.

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