Wednesday , 23 October 2019

Ayasha Sri Lanka Girl Looking For True Life Partner With Profile

Ayasha Sri Lanka Dating Girl

Ayasha Sri Lanka Girl Looking For True Life Partner With Profile

One of the most important components of successful relations are mutual understanding, passion and true love. I do believe that passion plays great role in relations, but I think that still trust and faithfulness are the most important ones. I am here not to play games but to find my love.I’m a real woman. The woman who wants to love her man, to feel his support, eternal and endless love and to give him everything he wants to make him the happiest man in the world. I’m honest, fair, loving, calm and caring. I am here to find the one to whom I will give my entire tender and love.I am sociable, I can not live without communication, friends, close people. It means a lot to me to meet the close people rather often. I am jolly, adore laughing. I am sure that I am sincere, honest, direct and passionate. I consider myself devoted to the people who surround me.My ideal man is such a man with whom I feel protected and little woman. I want him to be strong and respectful, generous and loving. Hope he knows what real feelings are and know how to dissolve in it. His loving and faithful eyes are the most important for me, because his eyes show the real feelings.The ideal relationship is when both compromise and accept each other the way they are. When they trust, because there’s no good relationships without trust. There has to be tenderness and forgiveness.

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