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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Manjima Telugu Girl Looking For Sincere Love Future Social Relationship

I’m fond of motorcycles, I love the speed and freedom. I can not live without a summer, sea, sun and beach. I want to live my life so that no one lose.I like to learn more about other people and places.I am looking for man who is ready for a stable and permanent relationship, who can be my partner as ... Read More »

Jaisya Gujarati Girl Looking Honest Life Partner For Future Marriage

What to say about myself. I am calm and open minded girl with open heart and soul. I like cooking a lot and my special dish potatoes with chicken meat. would you like to try my special dinner. I am no longer a little girl, but I still believe that there is love in the world. Real, honest, sincere, love ... Read More »

Radhima Nepali Girl Looking For Future Life Partner Sincere Friendship

I am lady with a strong character but at the same time, I’m like a tender flower who is waiting for a good gardener to be soft.My friends say that I am an easy going person with a positive outlook for life. I always try to be honest and kind so I appreciate the same kind of people. I am ... Read More »

Jassia Arabic Girl Looking For Life Partner Future Relationship

I’m not looking for some special prince on a white horse,and because I myself am not a princess. All around us is real life, and I’m here to fill my life with feelings and the heart warmth.I have already been deceived, but I’m not afraid to go towards life.I am bold and sincere girl.My man will feel my love and ... Read More »

Shalvi Madrasi Girl Looking For Chat And Honest Future Partner

I am attractive, charming, kind and honest with a great sense of humor, educated and well-mannered.I’m full of life person and I have many friends. But I need my only man who will love me and whom I’ll be able to give all my feelings. I believe that I’ll meet in my life serious man. Who would like to make ... Read More »

Tanam Indian Girl Looking For Faithful Future Husband Life Partner

I am kind and loyal woman.I like everything in this life.I like summer, sea, mountains, my friends and family.I just love to live and enjoy my life.I am looking for a man, who feels that he has love deep inside his heart, and he wants to give it to somebody. I am looking for a man who says and does. ... Read More »

Maridah Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Marriage Soulmate With Profile

Looking at the night sky, at the millions of stars, I am thinking of how many there are people in this world and we all so differ from each other. And how to find that person who is assigned to you only.When the star is falling, we use to wish, and every time I think where this person is, how ... Read More »